California Lake Attractions

Relax At One Of These Great California Lake Attractions.
Have you been dreaming about vacationing at one of California’s lake attractions, but having a hard time deciding which one? If so, here is a breakdown of some of the top California lake attractions to visit. Located in the San Bernardino National Forest is Big Bear Lake. Southern Californians flock to Big Bear Lake to enjoy spring, summer, winter or fall. You never run short of things to do at this California lake attraction, such as skiing, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, parasailing and so much more.
Shasta Lake in Shasta County is nestled amidst thick oak and pine forests in Northern California. It is considered a premier destination for houseboaters, but offers other types of lodging in case vacationing right on the lake isn’t what you’re looking for. Located in the same county is another great California lake attraction, Whiskeytown. This lake has 36 miles of shoreline and is a phenomenal place to go kayaking. During the summer months, the rangers at Whiskeytown National Recreation Park will give you free kayaking lessons. Once the weather cools down, many enjoy picnics, hiking and mountain biking. You can’t go wrong when choosing one of these California lake attractions to visit. When writing about California lake attractions you can’t leave out Lake Tahoe.
Located on the border near Nevada, most like vacationing at South Lake Tahoe. There is an endless list of things you can involve yourself in during the warmer months from swimming, camping, fishing, horseback riding, bicycling, golfing to water sports. As the season cools and the winter snow shows up, skiing and snowboarding in this area is amazing, and that’s not all. All year round you can try your luck at one of the casinos, or if gambling is not something you enjoy then this area has many great places to shop. Here are some other top California lake attractions you can visit. Just north of Santa Barbara is Cachuma Lake, the Central Coast area has Oso Flaco Lake and located in the desert is Mono Lake. These are only a few of the hundreds of California lake attractions within the Golden State. Just choose the right one for you and enjoy.